Resources: How-to Diagrams

Diagram Title  
How to Stilt the USA Platter #3073
Learn how to safely and effectively stilt our USA Platter to avoid cracking during firing.
Clock Mechanism Assembly
Written instructions as well as a diagram for assembling the 2-sided hands and clock mechanism that goes along with Item #5276 Wall Clock.
How to Stilt the Butter Keeper
Placing of Pieces in Kiln with Lid Vent Holes
How to Hang Ornaments Without Bending Rod
How to Stilt Large Ornaments Without Bending Rod
How to Draw Mary Ann's Famous Snowman Faces
How To Stilt Flying Chubby & Pillow Ornaments
How to Stilt Flat Ornaments
How to Stilt Hairbrushes
How to Stilt Measuring Cups
How to Stilt Measuring Spoons
How to Stilt Ornaments
How to Stilt Spreader Handles
How to Stilt Large Platters
How to Stilt Princess Crown Mug & Bisque w/ Recess
How to Stilt Nose Mugs
How to Glue Pin Lights into Night Lights
How to Glue Blades to Spreaders
Miscellaneous: Wire the Christmas Tree
Miscellaneous: Drill and Cut Through Bisque and th
Miscellaneous: Pottery Tattooing™