Resources: Design Tips

Firing Platters

If you need to raise up a plate or platter or any other item for that matter in your kiln, and just need a little bit more height to your post, try using a few tiles. The 4" size works great. Just stack as many as you need under a post that you have to give it more height and raise up your piece of bisque.


When using Fleckles, if you don't want to over crowd your design with flecks, especially when using brigh colors such as the red or blue and you want the white flecks to look like snow. Apply 2 coats of the solid color first then only one coat of the flecks. For example, apply 2 coats of Rockin' Red Fun Stroke and one coat of Blazing Berry Fleckles. All the colors in our Fleckles line have a base color from our Fun Strokes line.


When choosing stamps, don't hesitate to buy the ones with the wood backings. Just peel off the rubber stamp from the wood base and now you have a stamp that can move around surfaces such as mugs, bowls, you name it!

Paper for Cricut

When using the Cricut machine for cut-outs, I have found that the 32 lb. copy paper with the pressure dial on 3 and the needle on 3 works great. No snags...the 32 lb. is a little more expensive than the 20 lb. copy paper but so worth not having the problems cutting.

Solid Coverage on Small Items

If you want to get solid coverage on small items such as ornaments or bisquies, use the glaze from a Fun Writer Bottle. It will only take one coat from the Fun Writer bottle versus 3 coats from a brush...also, no throw away paint waste.

Full Coverage Every Time

If you want nice full coverage on a large piece such as a plate or platter, try sponging on 2 coats then brush on 2 coats and you will love the results. Also, you won't get that sponge look.

Customer Clean Up Tip

When a customer makes a mistake and wants to wash the glaze off a piece, offer them a large bowl of water and a sponge and let them wipe away before they decide to wash it down in the sink. Soaking the piece can cause lots of issues during firing.

Washing Rubber Stamps

When washing off hardened glaze from rubber stamps, I find that a toothbrush works great. I keep one at the sink just for this purpose. In the photo is an example of the type of stamps I'm referring to, and it also features one of my favorite stamps, a heart with swirls throughout. These stamps can be purchased at any arts and crafts store.

Textured Football

If you want to paint a piece to replicate a football, the trick is to use velcro to get that textured leather look. Simply paint your piece the color of a football, Blazing Saddle, sponge Black Lab to the rough side of the velcro and apply sporadically where you like. The result is amazingly similar to that of a textured football.

3-D Trees

This a 3-Dimensional tip. Paint some trees on a plate or platter, don't outline them. Take a sponge, squeeze out the water and dab over design lifting off some of the design so it is faded. Now paint more trees in the forefront and leave them full color, maybe even outline so the front trees stand out from the back trees.

Out of the Box Bisquies

Can't find the write sized bisquie to add to your plate or platter? I've found that I usually have what I need right in front of me and I don't even know it. I recently needed a small round bisquie, an exact size, and found that I could use the Soccer Ball Bisquie just by turning it over. It was the exact size I needed, and the back has a flat surface that I could paint on. I've done this numerous times before using the back of the Peace Sign Bisquie, and Baseball and Basketball Bisquies, as well as flat ornaments like the Flat Round Ornaments and Star Ornaments as long as the hole at the top doesn't get in the way of your design. Thinking outside the box always comes in handy, and can save you money!

Bisquies as Binder Clips

I've found yet another way to use our fun shaped bisquies. I took one of our Small Oval Bisquies #8184, painted it with a fun design, dipped it in Dazzle Dip, fired it, then attached a binder clip to the back using epoxy. The result is a colorful clip that can be used to secure any bag of food, or used as a paper clip!


When using Fun Strokes Fleckles, apply them to bisque using our soft fan brush, ColorStix 6. This brush ensures that the fleckles get dispersed evenly across the surface.


When using the Cricut, save all the centers of the "O's". All the different fonts will give you a variety of different size circles to use later on other projects.