Our Company: Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say about Gare:

Gare's Party Animals are flying off my shelves! They're the perfect size for parties and kids love them.

Amy Mazzotta, The Pottery Place

We love the Dunk Mugs and Cupcake Plates. They appeal to customers of all ages.

Deena Cutshall, Pottery Bayou Inc.

Gare is the place we go first when our 'kid-shelf' is looking low. The standing cats and dogs have been a shop favorite since they made their debut. When Gare released the Party Animal line we were very excited to be able to sell cute kid items at a lower price point.

Heather Hogan, Fired Up: Paint Your Own Pottery & Art Studio

The Dazzle Dip is amazing! We are very happy with the new formula. Glaze lines are invisible, viscosity is consistent and the sheen after firing is perfect.

Jennifer Rubin, Petroglyph Ceramic Lounges

We made the switch to Fun Strokes! Our customers claim, 'they go on like butter!', 'these glazes dry so quickly', 'colors are so brilliant'. The folks at Gare made the transition so easy at both our studios!

Joan & Mike Ziemba, The Accidental Artist

In our custom painting, we love bright, solid colors. We are able to do the fun banding and writing because the consistency of Gare glazes allow us to manipulate the glaze evenly and without clumping. We've tried every company's product, but have stuck with Gare. Nothing compares!

Julie & Robin Cates, On the Pot

Gare Fun Strokes are our biggest asset in our business. With our customers, they get gorgeous, even color with an easy to use glaze.

Julie & Robin Cates, On the Pot

When ever I call Gare, the phone is always answered by a completely upbeat, happy person! If I send an email, my customer service representative returns the email quickly, efficiently, and always with an answer, suggestion, or other helpful advice and guidance.

Marcie Ziskind, The Expressive Hand

I like that Gare paints are made in the USA, are food-safe and non-toxic and the colors are amazing! They always come out bright and clear. There are many more choices in colors of underglazes than I could ever offer in my small studio, but I feel that the choices are incomparable.

Marcie Ziskind, The Expressive Hand

We love using Gare's Fun Strokes! We have tried many brands, and the staff and customers agree that Gare is by far the best. We don't ever plan on switching again. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful and I love that I save so much money because the bottles empty completely.

Marti Strehlow, Clay Corner Studio

After running a multi-studio business for many years, we have found without fail that Gare bisque together with Fun Strokes is teh combination to give the best possible results.

Matt Bell, Flying Saucers

Our customers love our color selection - bright, vibrant, consistent. The biggest difficulty they have is choosing between all of the beautiful colors!

Michele Heaphy, Pottery By You

I use only Gare Fun Strokes in my studio, because quality is number one to us. The colors are the most vibrant of any out there, and the coat coverage is the best. My customers are always so pleased when they pick up their finished masterpiece, and see the beautiful results.

Michelle Booth, Glazed Over Ceramic Studio

We could not survive in business without our Gare bisque. Their products range from cute to practical with everything in between. They are our primary supplier and their product outsells everything else on our shelves.

Michelle Young, The Painted Platter

We love the unique shape and versatility of the Old Thyme Cookie Jar.

Naomi Walker & Ruth Neviazsky, The Pottery Project

Gare's amazing staff always helps me out in a pinch!

Nell Wertz, All Fired Up

I used Gare's collectible figurines to stat a daycare and kids program. Great for me as exposure to hundreds of children, and since they are a manageable size, they are only in the studio for an hour! Daycares love the adorableness!

Nell Wertz, All Fired Up

Dazzle Dip behaves as closely to the lead glazes as we have seen since its demise. The result on our pieces is as close to flawless as you can get.

Nicole Rivet, Museware Pottery

We switched to Fun Strokes and are thrilled with the results! The colors are more vibrant than our previous brand and there is a better variety of paint colors. Our regular clients have noticed the difference and have been very happy with the bright, bold colors on their finished pottery.

Pamela Heberton, Art & Soul

I love Dazzle Dip so much that if the much anticipated and highly coveted color of hot pink ever became available, and I had to choose between that or Dazzle Dip, I'd choose Dazzle Dip, hands down.

Suzanne Kensington, HotPlate

We love Gare's kid's products, they cause a big stir in the studio! The shapes are innovative and so on trend, they really capture the imaginations of our kids, and are perfect for parties. They bring a bit of magic to the studio!

Tara Gammon & Annette Peacock, Rainbow Ceramic Cafe