Please note that the Gare offices and warehouses will be closed on Monday, May 30th for the Memorial Day holiday.  Also, please plan your ordering accordingly as freight carriers will not be moving on Memorial Day.  

Gare - Leading Supplier of Ceramic Bisque & Glazes
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With over 800 bisque designs, over 100 vibrant and versatile colors, dazzling clear glazes, an array of accessories and tools, glass fusing products, and so much more, you're sure to find all your studio needs right here with us!  We invite you to explore our selection and see why Gare has been in the PYOP business since 1950! 

New Bisque Designs
This year we are coming out with lots of new bisque designs, including the perfect princess pieces.

Surface Coats
Introducing a brand new line of 10 gloss glazes that will save you time, effort, and money! Use them along with Fun Strokes in three easy steps to create a magnificent masterpiece.

Pottery Glazes
Pottery Glazes create a high fire look with colors inspired by nature. They come in non-reactive, and reactive glazes as well as crystals and crushed crystals for a unique design every time!